August Pastor’s Reflection (2016)

The Weaving Grows …

I must admit that I am loving our new pop-up tent trailer.  So far we have spent a week at Timothy Lake and a couple days along the Metolius River.  During the set-up process, I have discovered I have one crucial decision to make, where to place the cook station which consists of a prep table and a BBQ that will let me swap out the grill for a stove burner on half of it.  It is all about the view and the scene that will feed my soul. 


As you can see, I had a great location along the Metolius.  A place to watch the river flow by, hear the melody of the river and slight breeze through the trees, see the occasional bird and simply take my time cutting veggies and preparing to cook.  My cook station in definitely one of my new happy places.  It goes deeper than that as well.  It not only puts a smile on my face, it feeds my soul and renews my spirit.

The past few months have been been rich with inspirational and emotional moments through various worship experiences at Morningside UMC, General, Western Jurisdictional and OR-ID Conferences, and in my personal life of faith.  At the same time, there have been too many heart breaking events of late, the number of people killed due to senseless acts violence is beyond comprehension and wears on my spirit and I am sure yours as well.  In our local community, we continue to hold in prayer those who are in the midst of health struggles and those who are grieving the death of one they have loved.  All of these experiences, the intense inspirational ones and the ones that break my heart have brought more tears to my eyes than I am comfortable admitting, it seems I constantly need a tissue around.

Which is why it is so wonderful to have found a new way to feed my soul and renew my spirit.  It is like adding a new tool to my spiritual health tool box.  Which leads to the question for each one of you ~ what is in you spiritual tool box and is it time to add a new way to feed your soul and renew your spirit?  Is there a book you have been meaning to read, a scripture passage that you have been planning to look up, a new way of praying that has been calling to you, a new passion or hobby you have wanted to try or a place in God’s wondrous creation you have wanted to lay your eyes on.  Is it time to upgrade your spiritual tool box?

Blessings,  Wendy