April Pastor’s Reflection (2017)

The Weaving Grows …

Our Lenten journey into the Lord’s prayer has been challenging at times and deeply meaningful. I must confess that I have not remembered to pray the Lord’s Prayer every day, but I have come close.

What I have been struck by most significantly is that the prayer is not all about me and my journey of faith, it is about the whole body of Christ that is praying this prayer throughout the world. We pray collectively as we say “Our Father … give us … forgive us and we forgive … lead us.” It is a prayer that people of faith are praying on behalf of the whole world and all the people’s of the world. We are praying that all have enough to eat and the basic needs of life. We are recognize the collective need for forgiveness especially as we look at issues of discrimination and injustice, both in the past and the present. We are praying that God’s kingdom — God’s reign — of peace, justice and love unfold throughout all the places of the world and that we are collaborators with God in bringing forth this reign.

As we have been sharing in different interpretations of the Lord’s Prayer each Sunday, I have decided to write my own.

Our Creator who spans heaven and earth,
We lift your name in praise.
Inspire and challenge us to bring forth
Your vision of heaven’s peace and grace
Upon all the places and peoples of the earth.
As we are blessed with our daily needs for water,
Bread and shelter, may we work to provide
The same for all your beloved children.
May we confess the acts of selfishness and harm
We have done to others,
Forgive those who have harmed us and
Open ourselves to receive your forgiveness that you freely offer.
May your Spirit work with in us to guide us away
From further acts of harm and destruction and
Turn us towards living faithfully.
For Your steadfast love and mercy endures forever. Amen.

Blessings upon you as you continue in this Lenten journey.

Pastor Wendy